Our references

Light Rail of Grand Avignon L1

  • Vibratory sizing studies
  • Railway superstructure inspection

The refurbishment of line 1 on the Nantes tram

serdB carried out the vibratory study of the layed railway track as part of the refurbishment of the train station Gare Nord de Nantes project.


  • Acoustic study
  • Vibration Study

The tram in Caen, the city replaces the tram on tires by a tram on rails.

SerdB won three contracts for this project. The first contract was with TSO, the second with ETF and the third with Colas, all of which hold part of the works contract.

The three companies entrusted our vibration experts in guided transport systems with measurements and vibratory studies to verify the types of railway superstructure for the tramway.

The Preliminary Measurement before the construction of line 2 of the Lima metro

The study consisted of a series of noise and vibration measurements at the exterior and at the foot of the dwellings to determine current levels.

The measurements have been focused on particular buildings considered to be sensitive (Parroquia de Carmen de la Legua, Palacio de Justicia and the water tower of  Sedapal).

Vibro-acoustic study for the Lima metro line 1

Vibro-acoustic study for the Lima metro line 1

The study consisted of simulations with the software dBtrack ©and  the vibratory impact linked to the construction of a viaduct at the nearby hospital of Rocca Fernández Essalud.

This study included:

  • Measures to characterize the rolling stock
  • Measures of soil transmissibility
  • Measurements of vibration noise at the foot of the hospital Rocca Fernández Essalud and in front of the most sensitive devices
  • A simulation of the site
  • The search for solutions to reduce the impact of the future viaduct 
Paris Tram T3B extention

Paris Tram T3B extention from porte de la Chapelle to Porte d’Asnières

  • 3D Sound Study
  • Study of the noise at the  stations (PA system), power sub-stations and tracks switches
  • Optimization of  track fixation systems
  • Consultancy 
serdB ProjectVal'tram

Val’Tram’s project vibration study

  • Vibration Study
  • Optimization of track fixation systems
  • Site supervision and final inspection