Our references

Arrangement of the Development zone in the commune of Fouillet

  • Noise measurement in the current state,
  • Acoustic modeling,
  • Study of scenarios
Étude d’impact acoustique d’une ZAC-serdB

Acoustic impact study of joint development zone

  • Initial sound and vibration states
  • Assessment of the vibration impact on buildings
  • Calculation of future noise impacts
  • Countervailing measuring recommendations

Replacement of the air conditioning system

  • Measurement of residual noise
  • Choice of equipment
  • Calculation of future noise impacts
  • Compensatory measures proposed
Acoustic study of go kart racing tracks

Automotive test tracks

  • Annual monitoring of noise emissions by type of sporting event
  • Evaluation of Noise Impact
Acoustic study of nantes Airport

Airport study

  • Noise diagnosis
  • Building diagnosis
  • Work recommendations
  • Financial estimates 


Acoustic study of warning sirens

Warning sirens

  • Determination of acoustic features from different warming sirens of Nantes
  • Acoustic modelling of sirens sound propagation in the environment
  • Determining the sirens sound outside of  the study perimeter
  • Calculation of emergencies by area
  • Evaluation of the perception of sirens per capita
  • Optimizing the position of new sirens
Chain supermarkets acoustic study

Chain supermarkets

  • Initial conditions of noise
  • Study of construction, displacement or expansion
  • Recommending solutions
  • Reception acoustic measurements 
karting acoustic study


  • Measuring noise emitted from electric and petrol karts
  • Measurement of noise reduction systems
  • Scenarios simulations