Noise in France: 57 billion euros x70 years make 3.990.000.000.000 Euros.

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08 March 2018

On March 6th at 1:00pm the national French TV on France 2, INA (National Audiovisual Institute) many archives from the 50s were broadcasted. The subject: The noise in the city, in the housing and at the schools.

Noise related subjects regulary hits the newspappers headlines. Paris Match (famous french review) titled in 1964 « YES, noise kills ! », making a reference to Pierre Blanchet, a man who killed his upstairs neighboor « because she made too much noise » Anecdotal?

In the same review journalists talk about Dortmund city. Which with 50 years ahead, launched a noise map availbale for consultation in the town hall by the citizens. This was implemented in order for them to choose the perfect place to live.

The magazine Paris Match has evaluated the price of noise: One billion hours of work lost in France because of noise, ie 300 billion old French francs. That equals 450 million euros value of the year 1964!

What about today? With all progress, standards and regulations, did the facts improve?

Consider by yourself: 57 billion Euros were lost every year according to the 2016 estimation of social costs relating to noise impact by the National Council of Noise and ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency), which experts agreed in saying that it is a low estimation.

Well, now.... everything isn't that bad, but when are we (« we » is obviously for politics) going to be aware that the noise is not a minor problem and it COST 57 billion Euros every year in France.  Represented over 70 years it works out to be like 3990 billion Euros (approximatively, I assume).

It's obvious that I only speak about financial cost and not about daily suffering … After all, if the financial aspect only is enough to raise awareness, it would not be so bad.

By the way, today is National day of Hearing.

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Author: Fabien Krajcar, Managing Director.