About us

serdB was founded in 1993 by two engineers, Patrick Charles-Pauvers and Thierry Legouis, who were respectively Scientific Calculations Manager and Noise-Vibration Manager for the ALSTOM group.

The company very quickly recruited the first of its specialists and expanded its experience in acoustic engineering and vibration surveys in the domains of industry, construction, transportations and the environment. serdB quickly established its reputation in these areas and became one of the French leaders of this sector.

In 2000, serdB invested in new facilities and, in particular, a 100m3 semi-anechoic chamber. As a result of this, the company developed close links with several industrial companies and participated in the development and refining of new noise-reduced products (vacuum cleaners, washing machines, laboratory and medical equipment…)

In 2010, as the company continued to grow both nationally and internationally the offices were extended and serdB restructured into four independent departments, in order to respond more efficiently to the requirements of its growing customer base.

Since 2017, SerdB became part of the Gamba group present on three continents (Europe, South America and Africa), for more strength and responsiveness in international markets.

Knowledge base

Thanks to a team consisting largely of experienced engineers in complementary areas and relying on advanced technical means, serdB is today a recognised engineering company appreciated for its rigour, competence, dynamism and responsiveness.


serdB has available all the specialised hardware and software in acoustics and vibration management needed to provide its customers with the most relevant answer according to their particular situation.

The company also develops specific software to perfectly fit the client’s needs.


serdB maintains a close collaboration with research centres, universities and major engineering schools, including participating in the training of engineering students.

serdB is involved in several national and European research programmes and has lead, amongst others, a research programme dealing with the problem of Noise and Vibration of track-based transport in an urban environment. As a result of this study, the company developed the software dBtrack, used today in most acoustic and vibration studies linked to rail infrastructures. This software in particular allows the optimisation of track fixation systems by adapting to the local context as well as the use and maintenance of the lines.

serdB also developed the industrial noise simulation software dBhall which enables the creation of  acoustic maps of workshops.This map contain several hundreds of machines with their particular way of functioning. Using this hierarchical approach to sound situations, serdB brings to its clients an optimised solution both technically and financially.