Since its creation, serdB has developed its expertise in the field of noise and vibration association with public transport systems. This expertise has been particularly recognised in the field of guided transport systems (trams, undergrounds, trains etc.) where serdB holds a key position on an international level. 


  • Acoustic and vibration impact studies.
  • Optimisation of track systems and researching the best technical-economic balance.

Site supervision

  • Anti-vibration track performance test.
  • Fault detection and creating solutions.
  • Acoustic and vibration survey within neighbourhood area.


  • Anti-vibration track performance test.
  • Measurement of noise and vibration on neighbouring properties and sensitive sites.
  • Acoustic and vibration performance verification of rolling stock.
  • Fault detection and creating solutions.


  • Periodic or continuous (24/7) monitoring for detecting defects or wear.
  • Rail roughness measurement and rail corrugation verification.
  • Measurement of rail displacement during train passes.
  •  Optimisation of grinding policy.
  • Expertise and resolution of problems.

Advice and Training