Gamba Group welcomes ACOUPHEN: the pursuit of a business project

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07 May 2019

After the teaming up in 2017 of GAMBA Acoustique and serdB into the Gamba Group, ACOUPHEN joined the GAMBA Group in spring 2019. A major stakeholder on the acoustic and vibration engineering stage with manpower of 80 and 9 set-ups in France, the group is bolstering its excellence in the traditional acoustic engineering professions and its leading position on the emerging issue of vibration treatment. For our customers and partners this means increased skills, greater responsiveness and greater proximity across the country.

For our teams and directors this means a serene and promising future.

Photo: Denis Bozzetto, Director of Acouphen and Claude Senat, CEO of Gamba Group, are happy to seal the merger of the two structures.