Ateliers SNCF

serdB participated in the awareness campaign of noise with some maintenance workers of the SNCF. Topics included:

  • What is noise?
  • How does the ear perceive noise?
  • What are the different stages of deafness?
  • What are the simple steps to maintain good hearing?
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Jean-Paul David, consultant in urban rail transport equipment, former project manager and head of SEMITAN transport infrastructure (Nantes) offers its experience to serdB. Jean-Paul DAVID has contributed to the work of the task force PREDIT No. 10 induit - Integrated Infrastructure durable lasting for collective transport,t surface and the drafting of the CERTU guide - tram platforms - Pathology and design (volumes 1 and 2). Juan Pablo DAVID participated in numerous expert missions to various tram networks in France and abroad.

Jean-Paul DAVID collaborated to strengthen knowledge of serdB extending its wide practical experience for 25 years in one of the longest networks of French trams.