07 June 2016

RATP has entrusted serdB with the acoustic and  vibration study as well as the optimization of anti-vibration track laying to implement.

The extension in figures:

  • 3 municipalities served ,200.000 habitants and 70.000 jobs
  • 6 km  route
  • 11 stations along the route, including 10 to Colombes
  • A itinerary is approximately twenty minutes
  • 3 new connexions
  • A tram every 4 minutes during rush hour
  • 80.000 passengers a day expected on this new route
  • 125 to 135 million EUR investment (excluding purchase of trains and land acquisitions)
26 May 2016

serdB has just won the tender for the vibration study  of  the  first  tram  line in  Aubagne  (France) Val'Tram.

Construction work and the first tests are expected to finish by the end of 2019 and final commissioning in 2020.

Val’Tram in Brief 

  • A total budget of  90 Million EUR in works
  • 14 stations will be built
  • 5 Park and ride with 850 parking spaces
  • Construction of 14 Km. Of railroad between  Aubagne and Bouilladisse
  • A train every 10 minutes with total capacity of  4800 passengers per day 


serdBAcoustics and health
10 March 2016

Taking into account the acoustics used in the treatment of sleep apnea.

The anechoic chamber at serdB allows noise measurements in a very quiet environment without echoes. It is therefore perfectly suited for devices emitting little noise.

This is the case, for example: medical devices (Breathing machine)used for  the treatment of sleep apnea. These devices are arranged next to patients suffering from this disease and allow them to breathe normally during the night.

Today, the sound levels achieved by these devices range from 25 to 30 dB (A), which makes them almost imperceptible .

05 November 2015

Dr. Legouis will participate in the ALAMYS International Conference, from November 5th  to 11th 2015 in Lima.

He will be the guest speaker of  the  plenary conference about noise and vibration in rail transport.


PhD. Legouis facilitated training on trams and subways vibrations to a wide audience of engineers of the company EGIS, on 10 and 11 September 2015 in Lyon. The training included, besides the basics and some important reminders, advanced elements concerning modeling, interpretation and use of results in ways optimization process. The use of the track rugositance / rolling system as a powerful tool for prediction and diagnosis was also presented.

Dr. Legouis will officiate the training on noise and vibration FOR urban guided transport, at the School of Civil Engineering in Paris on 30th September 2015.

This workshop is aimed to all stakeholders in the urban transport services, local authorities, transport authorities, transport operators and public and private educational centres. 


Dr. Legouis participated in meetings of specialists in acoustic and vibration and low frequency noise in buildings.

This seminar was held on 8th and 9th June 2015 in Paris.

Yann Molle, head of the building sector, attended the licensing day to introduce a new software for noise reduction (acouStiff) shock and noise (acouSting).

The entire building sector department participated in the workshop concerning the simulation software Catt Acoustic version 9.This latest version incorporates a new calculation algorithm for auralization TUCT and more.

The recent technical conferences on acoustic vibrations held June fourth and fifth were organized by the Laboratory of Environmental Acoustics (LAE) of IFSTTAR on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the centre of Nantes.

These events brought together stakeholders from the Network of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy to discuss the problems of noise and vibration.

On this occasion, the Mr. Augereau presented the different research projects conducted jointly by serdB and l'IFSTTAR.