Tant qu'il y aura du bruit

serdB is an acoustic engineering company in Nantes,

specializing in the analysis and definition of

acoustic and vibration solutions 

Message from Chairman

Thank you for consulting our website! We hope that you find all the information that you require.

serdB is a French acoustic and vibration engineering company founded in 1993. Our services include measuring, modelling, analysing, and defining acoustic and vibration solutions with follow-up and commissioning control. We work in the areas of industry, construction, public transport and the environment.

Both throughout the whole of France and internationally, our experience has been recognised and appreciated by all of our partners and clients throughout 15 different countries.

Our research, innovation, human and technological resources, all guarantees the highest quality of service to our clients. This includes putting into place perfectly matched solutions for noise control and vibration problems, while protecting the existing environmental quality and comfort.

We are willing to cooperate and build a better future together with you sincerely!



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